Why I'm growing a second brain

By Philip Ball

Writer Philip Ball has granted Created Out of Mind and UCL researchers access to his “mini-brain”, all in the name of science and a deeper understanding of dementias and other degenerative brain diseases. Starting with donating his skin cells to the Wray Lab at UCL, Phil will reflect on his growing neurons or 'brain in a dish',  through a series of articles for Created Out of Mind. 

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In the news

Philip Ball has also written several articles, reflecting on his experiences for national and international press. Click the links below to read more.

31st March 2018: 'Why two brains are better than one'The Observer

16th March 2018: 'Why I’m growing a second brain', Prospect Magazine

25th July 2017: 'Why Philosophers Are Obsessed With Brains in Jars'The Atlantic


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