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Art can be a powerful medicine against dementia, The Guardian

16th July 2017

In recognition of the launch of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health and Wellbeing (APPGAHW) Creative Health report, Created Out of Mind feature in this piece, highlighting the value of the arts for people living with dementia.

Created Out of Mind contributed to this report, which looks into current practice and research in the arts in health and social care, with a view to making recommendations to improve policy and practice. Download the report here.

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Opening the Mind's Eye, The World of Interiors

10th July 2017

How do physical spaces affect interior spaces? Pick up the August issue to read more about Created Out of Mind researcher Janneke van Leeuwen's work exploring how art and colour can affect the relationship between what we perceive, interpret and communicate, and what this might mean for people living with a dementia.


Conversations in time, Aarhus 2017

Created Out of Mind artist and neuropsychologist Janneke Van Leeuwen talks with Andreas Roepstorff about the effect of art on communication & connectivity. Conversations in time is an audiobook and podcast inspired by Suzi Gablik's 'Conversations Before the End of Time', produced for Aarhus 2017.


Our journey so far, Wellcome

10th April 2017

With applications for the next Wellcome Hub Award now open, our Director Seb Crutch talks about how this award brought life to an abstract vision to shape perceptions of dementias and the arts. Read about our journey so far and what's next for Created Out of Mind. 


Forgotten but not gone, Philip Ball, The Guardian

11th March 2017

"The stereotype of an elderly loved one sitting blankly in a care home, unable to speak or recognise relatives, is not all there is to it."

Phil Ball highlights the work of Created Out of Mind to challenge dementia stereotypes and harness the power of the arts for people living with dementias.