Ronan Smith from the 'Talking Life podcast series. Photo: Benjamin Gilbert/Wellcome Collection.

Ronan Smith from the 'Talking Life podcast series. Photo: Benjamin Gilbert/Wellcome Collection.

From 'Reimagining dementia campaigns' workshop at Wellcome Collection, led by Charlie Murhpy.

From 'Reimagining dementia campaigns' workshop at Wellcome Collection, led by Charlie Murhpy.

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Sharing stories

What does dementia mean to you?

With over 850,000 people estimated to be diagnosed in the UK, we are all in a sense living with dementia. But how much are current representations informed by the diverse and unique experiences of people living with different dementias and their loved ones?

We invited people to share their stories with us on social media using #whatdementiameanstome. Learn more here


Creative Adventures in Dementia: A Life More Ordinary Festival

Created Out of Mind's Sebastian Crutch and Julian West led discussions and a musical workshop as part of'A Life More Ordinary’ at The Dukes Lancaster, a unique 2-day exploration of how the arts are touching the lives of people with dementia in remarkable ways. Learn more here

The Neuronal Disco

Visitors to the Southbank Centre had a chance to learn about the molecular behaviours and patterns of dementia through the power of disco! They joined an artist and neurological biochemist as they explained the behaviours and patterns of different dementias at molecular level, all through dance! Learn more here

Let's talk about dementias: quality of life measures

Visitors gathered in The Reading Room at Wellcome Collection to meet resident social scientist Emma Harding and explore the measures used to capture 'quality of life' for people living with dementias. They were asked to consider how, by working with people affected by a dementia, we might tailor questionnaire measures to focus more on the quality of experience for us all. Learn more here


Creative Matters: Caring for dementia

Throughout May, Norwich Theatre Royal exhibited Talking Life: An Exhibition as part of their Creative Matters season. This photographic exhibition, developed by Susanna Howard for Created Out of Mind, together with Wellcome photographers Ben Gilbert and Steven Pocock, revealed the diverse experiences of people living with different dementias. It challenged audiences to reconsider their initial assumptions about what dementia looks like and consider more inclusive representations of the people living behind these conditions. Taken from the Talking Life podcast series. Learn more here

LifeSpace: Trajectories

This extended exhibition, from 2nd February - 2nd June at LifeSpace gallery in Dundee, explores contemporary art and scientific methods for exploring how perceptions of space influence and direct gestures, balance and movement. Art works by our artists and collaborators Charles Harrison, Charlie Murphy and Studio Senses were displayed, exploring the exhibition's themes within the context of dementia. Learn more here.


Talking Life on Tour

Susanna Howard's 'Talking Life on Tour' phones joined events and venues across London for Dementia Action Week. 'Talking Life on Tour' is an interactive telephone sharing the personal stories and life observations of people living with dementias and their loved ones, taken from our Talking Life podcast series. Did you spot one? They will be touring continuously throughout 2018/19 listen so if you see one, stop and take a moment to listen and leave a message for us by pressing 99!


'Do I see what you see?' A film about dementia, disconnection and seeing the world differently

How do changes in the brain cause us to see differently? Experience the world through the eyes of people living with Posterior Cortical Atrophy (PCA), a rare form of dementia which affects the visual areas of the brain in our new animated film from Director Simon Ball. 

The film will be screened in festivals, venues and events across the UK for 2018/2019 - look out for it or watch it here.

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Small actions can make a big impact for people affected by dementia. For Dementia Action Week, Alzheimer’s Society ask everyone to unite and take action on dementia. Our action is to support the telling of diverse dementia stories, to enrich public perceptions and empower people living with dementias to share their experiences, create, inspire and feel valued.