Dementias in the news

The latest news and musings on dementias. We have gathered information from news reports, blogs and social media, and from across the Created Out of Mind team and collaborators, and put it all in one convenient place. 

Dementia affects everyone

The Alzheimer's Society new factsheet focuses on living well with dementia when you are LGBT.

Can VR help diagnose dementia?

There remains no definitive test for dementia, but virtual reality games such as Sea Hero Quest could hold the key.

Informing young minds

 Ally Bally Bee launches new, customisable book to help children learn about dementia.

John's story

Three generations of a British family are helping to support research for Alzheimer’s Disease.

The most detailed scan of the human brain

Made from a scan of Created Out of Mind collaborator and BBC Medical Correspondent Fergus Walsh's brain, this cinematographic 3D image is helping scientists understand how the brain functions, and gain insights into conditions such a dementia.

Dementia-friendly screenings

Cinemas across the UK will be recognising World Alzheimer’s Month this September with a series of dementia-friendly film events.

Women And Dementia: The Overlooked Majority

With the World Health Organisation listing dementia as one of the top ten causes of death for women, research shows that women not only face a greater prevalence of the condition, but also fulfil the majority of care support and face the greatest stigma.

Dementia and song

Music’s ability to trigger our deepest memories and emotions could help improve quality of life for people living with dementia.

Frontotemporal dementia at 45

Adele's partner Lance was diagnosed with behavioural variant frontotemporal dementia (bvFTD) in 2012, when he was just 45.

Make a playlist for someone with dementia:

Exploring the power of music for people living with dementias.

Diagnosing dementia

Brain scanning could improve dementia diagnosis for two thirds of patients, study finds. 

Eating away stereotypes

A restaurant in Japan only employs waiters who are living with dementia, in the hope of challenging public perceptions. 

Arts and Science combine for dementia care

Read about Created Out of Mind Co-director Gill Windle's work measuring the impact of visual arts for people living with dementia.

What makes a dementia-friendly community?

Respect, collaboration and support. The Guardian's expert panel discussed how citizens and services can come together to recognise and support people with dementia

It Will Take Young Minds To Cure Dementia

 "But dementia is not just an ‘old people problem’, and we need to fight that stigma to drive the calibre of talent working to find a cure".

 Credit: Stirling University 

Credit: Stirling University 

Dementia-inclusive homes

An app to assess how suitable a home is for someone with dementia is being developed by Stirling University.

Dementia arts

An exhibition of work created by people living with early-onset dementia and their carers living in Washington, Sunderland opens to the public today.

The best apps of 2017

Dementia-related apps 'Sea Hero Quest' and 'A Walk Through Dementia' both featured in Wired UK's best iPhone and iPad apps of 2017.

Empowering people with dementias at home

A new grant has been launched to help those living with dementia in Droitwich pay for adaptations to their homes, in the first trial of its kind in the UK.

LGBT communities and dementia

More support is needed to ensure LGBT people with dementia receive appropriate care, according to a new report by the government-backed strategic partner programme (SPP).

Australia's first dementia village

Australia’s first residential complex designed especially for people with dementia is set to be built in Tasmania.

 Shipley Group, Photo: Equal Arts

Shipley Group, Photo: Equal Arts

The arts and later life

Alice Thwaite of Equal Arts talks about her vision to include artist residencies in every care home.

Dementia Funding

The Dementia Discovery Fund, launched in October 2015 by the UK government and seven international drug companies, expands its search for new drugs, after raising almost £100M

Dementia stats

1.2 million people in England and Wales will live with dementia by 2040, but incidence and prevalence of dementia for each age group is falling, says new BMJ study. 

 'Digging out old photos for Patricia's life story with My Life Films', shared by  friendofgran , for our Dementia Arts Photo Challenge. 

'Digging out old photos for Patricia's life story with My Life Films', shared by friendofgran, for our Dementia Arts Photo Challenge. 

Reel Life

My Life Films are combining music, photos, clips and interviews to celebrate the lives of those with dementia, and help carers build better relationships.

Dementia Isn’t A Dirty Word

A thought-provoking piece on dementia stigma,  different cultural experiences and barriers to support. 

UK Dementia Research Institute takes shape

The locations of the centres that complete the UCL-led UK Dementia Research Institute (UK DRI) have been announced. 


Museums change lives

A project led by Created Out of Mind core team member Paul Camic, exploring the effect of object-handling for the wellbeing of people living with dementia is covered on p.7. of this report. Sessions were ran at the Tunbridge Wells Museum and Art Gallery as part of a collaborative project with the Alzheimer’s Society and Canterbury Christ Church University.

Dementia rights

"But when it comes to dementia, we are still thinking in terms of disease and tragedy and passivity". Tom Shakespeare argues that viewing dementia as a disability could help those living with the condition win greater rights.

Dementia stories: Living with PPA

Michael Palin talks about how #dementia has affected his co-star Terry Jones' speech, a symptom not always associated with dementia. Jones is living with with a form of dementia known as Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA). 

Women and dementia

In honour of International Women’s Day and the Huff Post ‘All Women Everywhere’ project, Beth Britton explores the experiences of women living with dementia. 

Dementia at 47

Dianne, who was diagnosed with early-onset dementia, talks to Eddie Mair about her journey- from noticing changes in her memory to her involvement in the Brent Peer Support project. 

'Dementia is an existential issue'

This insightful piece challenges reductive views of dementia and the value of in-the-moment experiences.

Living with a rare form of dementia

This ARUK video shares Trina and Graham's story. Trina is 70 living with Posterior Cortical Atrophy (PCA).

Creativity and FTD

Creativity flourishes amidst a diagnosis of Frontotemporal dementia (FTD).

Virtual environments

David Burgher has developed a virtual reality tool that mimics visual impairments experienced by dementia sufferers to help architects design better spaces.

The Trouble with Dad

David Baddiel turns the camera on his father, who has Frontotemporal dementia, in an intimate documentary. 

Back in black

A poignant and humorous film telling the story of the hugely popular author Terry Pratchett in his own words.

 Our Director, Seb Crutch presents Created Out of Mind at the Sharing Dementia and Imagination Conference.

Rules of memory 'beautifully' rewritten

In a surprising discovery, researchers found that the brain "doubles up" by simultaneously making two memories of events- one for the here-and-now and the other for a lifetime. 

Dementia-friendly theatre

An arts pioneer asks theatres and arts companies across Scotland to consider the benefits of dementia-friendly stage shows.

Dementia research funding

UCL and ARUK researcher, Dr Adrian Isaacs awarded £300K from Lyndal Tree Foundation for Frontotemporal Dementia research.

dementia friendly cities.jpg

Dementia-friendly cities

British Gas, HSBC and other businesses are training staff to provide a better service to people living with dementia, helping to improve the lives and wellbeing of those affected, as well as bringing economic benefits.

Alzheimer's Song

 Elvis Costello talks about the personal experiences with dementia that have influenced his music & his support of charity Music and Memory.

Dementia and football

Evidence of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a potential cause of dementia has been found in the brains of former football players examined at the UCL Queen Square Brain Bank.

All That I’ve Loved (For Barbara)

Listen to this moving track by singer-songwriter Lucy Spraggan about her wife’s grandmother who's living with dementia.

Our Director, Seb Crutch presents Created Out of Mind at the Sharing Dementia and Imagination Conference.

Dementia and Imagination

The Created Out of Mind went along to the 'Sharing Dementia and Imagination Conference' at Wellcome Collection, which is led by our core team member Gill Windle. Through talks and interactive workshops, this event highlighted the work of the Dementia and Imagination project, an interdisciplinary exploration of how art can improve life for people living with dementias, as well as the wider economic and social value of art interventions.

Dementia app

Design company Bwtic have created an app that encourages engagement with dementia through song. 

Finding Patience

This short film aims to raise awareness of dementia in BAME communities, and open up conversations about cultural sensitivities in dementia care. 

Dementia Voices

"I'm the woman with purple hair- NOT the woman with dementia": Joy Watson, who was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's on her 55th birthday, shares her story. 

Dance for Life Evaluation Launch

On 20th March 17, the Created Out of Mind team attended the Dance for Life Evaluation Launch. Dance for Life is a pioneering collaboration between Matthew Bourne's New Adventures & Re:Bourne and Dementia Pathfinders, aiming to bring dance into care home settings for older people living with dementia. This celebratory event launched the findings of Dr Edana Minghella's independent evaluation of the pilot year.

Museum artefacts and wellbeing

Created Out of Mind's Paul Camic has led a study, published  in the Journal of Health Psychology, examining the wellbeing impact of handling museum artefacts, by testing for differences across domain, time, gender and stages of dementia. 

Dementia stories: Rural communities

Our Rare Dementia Support group member features in Sunday's Countryfile segment, exploring the experiences of people living with dementia in the rural community. 

arts and dementia 2.png

Paintings could reveal early signs of cognitive decline

Psychologists believe they can identify progressive changes in work of artists who went on to develop Alzheimer’s disease.

Virtual Reality

 'Dad brightened up'- a virtual forest game could help people living with dementia.

dementia diaries.png

Dementia Diaries

This thought-provoking short film is narrated by people living with dementias, sharing their unique and diverse stories and experiences. This is part of the DEEP Dementia Diaries project.

Supporting dementia voices

Congratulations to Created Out of Mind collaborator Living Words, who have been awarded Arts Council South East funding to develop their fantastic work: supporting free speech and expression for people experiencing dementia, and those that feel isolated and disempowered.

Dementia-friendly shopping

A Tesco in Scotland has introduced a 'relaxed' lane for more vulnerable customers, including those with dementia.

Arts 4 Dementia

Arts 4 Dementia (A4D), the national charity connecting people with early stage dementia to the arts, has launched the Reawakening project in Dorset, supporting people experiencing early symptoms of dementia and their companions. Read more. 

Dementia stories: Alzheimer's at 36

Read the story of our Rare Dementia Support group member, Rita Pepper, whose daughter was diagnosed with familial Alzheimer’s disease at just 36. 

Mulligan, Parkinson and Palin on dementia

Carey Mulligan, Michael Palin and Michael Parkinson discuss their personal experiences with, and understanding and attitudes towards dementias.

Dementia now leading cause of death

Dementia has overtaken heart disease as the leading cause of death in England and Wales, latest figures reveal.