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Tea Talk: Iris Musel 'I Am Still Here'

Creative Producer, Iris Musel will present her project 'I Am Still Here': a series of art installations exploring different topics we become familiar with through different forms of dementia. 

The first installation, A Sense of Wonder explores how the perception of Vision and Sound changes in different forms of dementia. Using interface technology and the trickery of illusion Iris started experimenting with ideas for this installation last year. One of the development phases that will dictate the vision going forward was supported by her group's residency at the Barbican- video available here

The second installation, Mumble Jumble explores the idea of abstract thinking, communication, language and numbers. The idea for this installation is to enter a room of chaos that you work yourself through by following different games. 
Soma-tic, the third installation takes a more intimate approach, looking at the sense of touch; haptic perception, how one relates to ones body and the more immediate environment around it.  

Iris' vision is to bring these 3 installations together to create a maze like environment.
Iris has also run workshops for people with dementia and a small focus group. She has always been passionate about the triangle of bringing people affected by dementia, artists and scientists together.