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Let's talk about dementias: objects in our lives


Join a conversation about dementias, objects and what it means to be human. 

What is the role of objects in our lives, and why do we value some more than others?

Clinical healthy psychologist Paul Camic will be leading a conversation, exploring the effect handling museum, and other, objects has on people living with dementias as well as what insights this can provide about people’s relationship with objects and cultural spaces.

In conversation with Alex Julyan, we invite you to consider ways in which objects play a role in all of our lives and how we might use them to enrich our understandings of dementia, improve wellbeing and explore our relationships with the world around us. You will also have a chance to handle some objects from Wellcome's collections. 

This is part of Paul Camic's 'Things in our lives' research project for Created Out of Mind. Read more here


This is part of a series of events in Reading Room at Wellcome Collection in recognition of Dementia Action Week on 21st-27th May 2018 - inviting the public to discuss and debate universal topics within the context of dementia. Meet the Created Out of Mind researchers who are working with people living with dementias to tell new stories and develop unique and collaborative approaches to research, in conversation with artist Alex Julyan.