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Reframe dementia: A collaboration with ARUK

  • GALLERY@OXO Oxo Tower Wharf, Bargehouse Street, South Bank London, SE1 9PH UK (map)

This Brain Awareness Week, Created Out of Mind join Alzheimer's Research UK (ARUK) at gallery@oxo on London's South Bank for a free exhibition, bringing together science and the arts to open up new dialogues around dementia and challenge stigma and misunderstanding. 

‘Studies for neurons’, 2017, Hand drawn borosilicate glas  s   by Charlie Murphy. Photo: Charlie Murphy/Created Out of Mind. 

‘Studies for neurons’, 2017, Hand drawn borosilicate glass by Charlie Murphy. Photo: Charlie Murphy/Created Out of Mind. 

Reframe Dementia takes one of our most feared health conditions and looks at it from a different viewpoint. Hosted by Alzheimer’s Research UK, this multimedia exhibition explores the personal stories behind the condition and the research that is moving us towards life-changing dementia treatments.

Created Out of Mind have curated a number of artworks, audio and sculpture to engage our work and provide a platform for diverse dementia voices:


Talking Life on Tour

An interactive telephone, sharing the life observations and personal stories of people experiencing dementias and providing opportunities for the public to respond to these conversations. Excerpts are taken from Created Out of Mind’s Talking Life podcast series.

Profiles in paint

A series of paintings by people living with and without dementias, led by our resident artist Charlie Harrison. The paintings explore how painting and artistic production can offer insights into different dementias and a deeper understanding of the individual creative experience.

Brains in a dish

Can my brain exist outside my head? Using Nobel-prize winning stem cell techniques, scientists can transform donated skin cells into brain cells, creating mini ‘brains in a dish’. This technology is allowing new insight into the brain and how it works, and is increasingly being used by dementia researchers around the world.

In response to watching her brain cells growing in the lab, artist Charlie Murphy has created intricate glass sculptures to explore the patterns and architecture of the brain, health and disease.

This event is FREE and no tickets are required.


As the UK’s leading dementia research charity, Alzheimer’s Research UK sets out to break through the misunderstanding and misinformation with a message of hope – dementia is caused by diseases and research can beat diseases.

This exhibition gives insights into how dementia touches people’s lives, and provides a starting point for conversations and shifting societal attitudes to the condition.