Do I see what you see? A film about dementia, disconnection and seeing the world differently. 

How do changes in the brain cause us to see differently? 

Experience the world through the eyes of people living with a rare form of dementia that affects how they process objects and tasks around them in this short animated film, directed by Simon Ball. 

Funded by Created Out of Mind and Alzheimer's Society, supported by Wellcome. Credit music by Valerie Blumenthal; Sound Design by Zai Tang.

Created Out of Mind: Shaping perceptions of dementias

Created Out of Mind present this short film on our vision to explore, challenge and shape perceptions of dementias through science and the creative arts. 

We share our journey collaborating and co-creating within a team of people living with and without dementias and reflect on the role of the arts and creativity for people living with a dementia and for us all.