The latest publications from the Created out of Mind team


Conceptualising and Understanding Artistic Creativity in the Dementias: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Research and Practise
October 2018

In this analysis article published in Frontiers in Psychology, Created Out of Mind researchers led by Professor Paul Camic explore prevailing concepts of creativity and assess their relevance to dementia, followed by a critique of creativity and dementia research related to the arts. Perspectives from researchers, artists, formal and informal caregivers and those with a dementia are addressed. They also introduce several novel psychological and physiological approaches to better understand artistic-related creativity in the context of dementia with the aim of guiding future research and practise.

Co-creativity: possibilities for using the arts with people with a dementia
June 2018

In this article published in Quality in Ageing and Older Adults, Created Out of Mind researchers Hannah Zeilig, Julian West and Millie van der Byl Williams explore the concept of co-creativity, in relation to artistic practice with people with a dementia. The aim of the discussion is to outline how co-creativity offers fresh approaches for engaging artists and people with dementia, and can contribute to less restrictive understandings of “creativity”. Above all it aims to expand the understanding of people with a dementia as creative, relational and agential.

The arts and dementia: Emerging directions for theory, research and practice
April 2017

This special issue of Dementia Journal was compiled by Created Out of Mind researchers Paul Camic, Hannah Zeilig and Sebastian Crutch and contributes to the emerging body of innovative research and practice in the field of dementia and the arts. Comprising a collection of 10 papers, it explores the visual arts, music, theatre and the spoken word in a variety of cultural contexts and settings.

Measuring physiological responses to the arts in people with a dementia
November 2017

George Thomas leads a review of the studies, which measure the physiological impact of the arts for people living with dementia & explores what can be done to broaden understanding in this field. In collaboration with Created Out of Mind's Prof. Paul Camic and Prof. Sebastian Crutch.

Profiles in Paint, Charlie Harrison/Created Out of Mind

Profiles in Paint, Charlie Harrison/Created Out of Mind

Profiles in paint: contrasting responses to a common artistic exercise by people with different dementias
November 2017

Our resident artist Charlie Harrison, together with colleagues from the UCL Dementia Research Centre has published a study in Arts and Health, exploring how painting and artistic production can offer insights into different dementias and a deeper understanding of the individual creative experience.

Preparatory planning framework for Created Out of Mind: Shaping perceptions of dementia through art and science
November 2017

Led by Emilie Brotherhood, the Created Out of Mind team have published our pre-planning framework on the Wellcome Open Research platform. The paper explores the opportunities, challenges and lessons learned from Created Out of Mind's interdisciplinary working model, which brings science, the arts and lived experiences together to inspire new, creative solutions, and lines of inquiry.