Episode 1 - Purpose

Rukiya Mukadam. Photo: Ben Gilbert/Wellcome Collection

Rukiya Mukadam. Photo: Ben Gilbert/Wellcome Collection

‘Previously my purpose was to look after family and raise my children to the best of my ability… now since I have got this dementia I wish people would be more aware of what dementia is about. In our community - the Asian community - it is more of a taboo subject, because we think once she is over 60 she is old, so she is “just like that.” You become hesitant and don’t trust yourself.’

Rukiya Mukadam’s sense of purpose has always been centred on her family. Since being diagnosed, she feels her purpose is now to raise more awareness of dementia, both in her community and society in general. Rukiya lives with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Presented by Susanna Howard, Music by Hannah Peel and edited by Erland Cooper. 

Object featured: Audrey Amiss, Scrapbook. Credit: Wellcome Library/Courtesy of Audrey Amiss’ family