Episode 4 - Self-expression

‘I was feeling low, shell shocked from having the diagnosis. I started writing at home as a way to exercise my brain. Poetry was quite cathartic. Some of the poems are about my dementia, about how I felt. Then suddenly I thought I don’t want to write about my dementia anymore, it was boring and I’d got it out of my system! So I started talking about life and other things in my life.’

Tracey Shorthouse is resolved to live positively with dementia. She decided not to shy away from expressing her experiences and writing became a powerful vehicle for her to share her voice.  Tracey lives with an early-onset dementia called Posterior Cortical Atrophy (PCA).

Presented by Susanna Howard, Music by Hannah Peel and edited by Erland Cooper. 

Object featured: JJ Beegan, Three Quadrupeds, c.1946. Credit: Adamson Collection/Wellcome Library

Tracey Shorthouse.  Photo: Ben Gilbert/Wellcome Collection

Tracey Shorthouse.  Photo: Ben Gilbert/Wellcome Collection